The Best Summer Food and Gastronomy Festivals in Canada

March 16, 2020 Posted in joyeuxnovembre by No Comments

Canada is not famed for its warm weather and gastronomy. However, that changes when the snow melts in summer and various cities come to life. There isn’t a better way to welcome the sun than with food, drinks and huge parties. Canada has festivals for everything to do with wine, baked goodies, seafood, food trucks, and much more. Here are a few tantalizing events you could attend this summer in Canada.

Yukon Culinary Fest, Whitehorse

You can satisfy your adventurous pallet every August down in the Yukon. Guests get to sample the best local microbrews, eat meals made from foraged foods and dance to the best music. Celebrity chefs also do cooking demos as local chefs challenge them. This is a meat-heavy festival that includes foraged foods like arctic char, edible flowers and herbs, elk, wild salmon, and locally farmed produce.

Food Truck Wars, Saskatchewan

Canadians are known as some of the world’s most friendly people. But they know how to duke it out over something as vital as food. Each year the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Riversdale opens its doors to hundreds of food trucks and thousands of hungry guests. It also features a beer garden, kid’s play area, music and other cultural events. This fest is hip and pet-friendly. So, feel free to bring the whole family every July.

Folklorama, Manitoba

This festival has steadily grown into one of the world’s largest multicultural festivals since it began in 1970. This 2-week event provides guests with an opportunity to sample food and drink from all parts of the world. Celebrate the national heritage of the world through song, dance and storytelling. It is the perfect way to stuff yourself and help Manitoba celebrate its anniversary and multicultural heritage.

Festibiere De Quebec, Quebec

Quebec is famed for holding the world’s largest strategic reserve of maple syrup. It also produces the tastiest microbrews in Canada. The Festibiere is Quebec and Canada’s largest microbrew festival. Every August, you can visit this festival and sample cigars, cocktails and lagers of all sorts with views of the waterfront. There are also food trucks, beer-based culinary contests, homebrew demos, music and much more.