Gastronomy Food and Wine Available at Events and Festivals in Canada

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Canada ranks as the second-largest country in the entire world. It covers 9,984,670sq km. All that space holds not only a diverse and beautiful landscape but also a wealth of food ingredients. If you travel to Canada, don’t be just a tourist. Be an explorer of foods and wines. Here are essential things that people should understand about wine and gastronomy food festivals and events in Canada.

Wine and Food Exhibitors

Pairing wine with gourmet food can bring you many customers. People who operate food and wine businesses should not miss events and festivals catered towards foodies. When they attend these events, they may attract a new clientele to their business. It is an opportunity for food industries in Canada to showcase the types of food experiences they can offer.

International festivals and events bring like-minded people together. They also motivate people to improve their knowledge of gastronomy.

Top Gastronomy Events in Canada

In this section, you’ll find some of the top events and festivals that take place annually in Canada. Many people attend these food festivals and events and have the best food experience. Some of these food events include the following:

Roots, Rants, and Roars, Newfoundland

This is a festival that takes place in Canada for three consecutive days. People get an opportunity to experience the best and rowdy culinary culture of the beautiful island called “The Rock.” Locals and tourists walk along a rugged shore and stop in various food joints for culinary experiences.

In Rock Island, people can find a variety of delicious dishes, such as the following:

  • Saucy braised lamb with rutabaga
  • Bread with meaty seared beans
  • Pork fat honey butter

When you want to enjoy gastronomy on this island, you need to make time to stop at various food shacks along the shores. These meals are prepared by popular and experienced chefs, such as Jeremy Charles, Steph Ogilvie and Amanda Ray.

New Brunswick, the Giant Lobster Roll

When people go to Canada, they cannot miss visiting the East coast. They are known for gastronomy involving crustaceans. Restaurants in the province advertise lobster rolls for dinner. Therefore, people can visit New Brunswick and eat hot dog buns filled with lobsters.


Many people around the world attend foodie events and festivals. They can use such opportunities to learn about the culinary culture found in various countries. When you’re in Canada, go to multiple locations and enjoy the Canadian wine and dine experiences