Canada’s Most Anticipated Wine and Gastronomy Food Festivals

March 16, 2020 Posted in joyeuxnovembre by No Comments

Canada rarely springs into mind when people talk about food and wine. Yet, this huge country offers a diversity of culture, climate and farming land. Canada also has many unique ingredients like maple syrup, juicy bake apple, bacon, cloudberries, bison meat and other treats.

Each year, foodies across Canada can go to a variety of festivals to satisfy their cravings. Here are a few tantalizing festivals to expect this year:

Gourmet kayaking, BC

This festival combines 2 of Canada’s favourite pastimes, kayaking and outdoor survivalist activities. This 4-day expedition consists of sea kayaking, good food and foraging for ingredients. The participants take trips to Spring Island and stopover for some good food. The meals consist of ethically-sourced halibut and salmon, locally foraged foods like edible flowers (e.g. Skyrocket) and sea kelp.

The Gathering, Newfoundland

The people of Newfoundland and Labrador are known for their hospitality. Each year, these kind folk open their doors to neighbours and visitors as they celebrate over food and wine. The event also consists of camping, song, dance and camaraderie. It takes place under the starry skies of Burlington.

The Montreal Croissant Crawl

All coffee lovers know the value of a fresh and crunchy croissant on a busy morning. The festival sees participants ride through Montreal on bikes and making stops at the best bakeries and coffee shops. Participants can expect to sample the best croissants like the Oh Mon Dieu from Mammie Clafoutis. It’s a fun way to see the city, eat a lot of baked goodies and burn some calories.

Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival, Ontario

The best wine in Canada comes from the Niagara region. Each year, various vineyards organize this festival to provide the public with the opportunity to sip some wine over good food and conversation. The great feature of this festival comes when you have the discovery pass. It allows you to taste wines from 30 wineries that are paired with culinary delights. There’s also brunch at a vineyard, which features food and music from the best chefs and DJs Ontario has to offer.

Spruce Tips, Vancouver and Tofino

Spruce tips have been an essential ingredient in a variety of foods and beverages ranging from pastries to ales. They are sought out by various food industries. Chefs churn spruce tips into ice cream while bartenders boil them into syrups, adding flavour to cocktails. This event sees participant forage for spruce tips through the forests in Vancouver and Tofino, making it a fun way to celebrate food, while discussing forestry conservation efforts.

Bi-coastal bivalves, Toronto

The deep and cold waters of the eastern and western coast of Canada provide the worlds’ best oyster breeding grounds. Each year, oyster lovers from all over flock to Toronto to satisfy their cravings with the freshest variety. This includes both farmed and wild-caught oysters.